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Mã sản phẩm: ZX-ST22SLIM

Kích thước màn hình: 21.5”

Loại Panel: Màn hình LCD, đèn nền LED

Tấm nền hiển thị: LG/ Samsung/ Innolux/ AUO/ BOE

Độ phân giả:  1680(RGB)*1050(WSXGA+)

Chất liệu võ: Hộp kim loại, khung hợp kim nhôm

Mật độ điểm ảnh: 90PPI

Tỷ lệ hiển thị: 16: 10

Góc nhìn: 85°/85°75°/85°(Điển hình)

Màn hình Quảng cáo thông mình LCD 22″ Loại mỏng

Kiểu gáng

slim 2

Kích cỡ màn hình: 

11112 1

Mã thông số kỹ thuật: 

Hardware configuration of Android system
Main chip model HISI351(351 motherboard scheme)
Central processing unit (CPU) ARM A53 quad-core
Running memory (RAM) 1GB
System memory (ROM) 8GB
Kernel version Android  9.0
Angle Support 0 90 180 270 rotation in four directions.
Centralization of management Support external network remote remote update.

Support intranet remote unified update (within the same network)

System support Support windows 7 server control.

Support windows 10 server control

Development port 8235 8283 8239 1935 (providing tomcat for HTTP service)

Maximum support for unified management and control of 100,000 devices.

Major function Remote setting of multi-period time switch machine saves trouble and electricity.

Planned control, playing the specified content at regular intervals.

Remote multi-split-screen, video, picture and text mixed broadcast.

Support automatic playback at startup, without special operation.

Subtitle function (scrolling, static and other forms)

Support remote control on-off

Support to add countdown function

Multiple units are distributed uniformly, and the contents can be consistent or inconsistent.

Multiple programs are automatically rotated without manual switching.

Support USB flash drive to update content

Support the creation of new sub-accounts and regional classification management.

Support terminal grouping and unified management of grouping.

Support terminal map positioning function

Main board input/output interface
USB 2-way external USB2.0, 2-way terminal USB
4G module Optional (full netcom)
Extended storage Standard socket without SD card
HDMI input None, no video interface.
Network access v  1 standard RJ45 wired Ethernet port (supporting unified management of wired connection)

v  1-channel wireless 2.4G Wi-Fi (supporting unified management of wireless connection)

Display performance parameters
Backlight type LED
Backlight life 50,000 hours
Display size (mm) 476×268
The physical resolution (1920 x 1080P)
Peak brightness of the whole machine 300cd/㎡±20
Dynamic contrast 1000:1
Viewing angle H/V: 178/178 degrees
Aspect ratio 16:9
Display color 10Bit, 16.7M
Refresh rate 60HZ
Display screen protection Fully toughened high explosion-proof glass
Computer response Automatic system identification; ≤15ms
Driver Drive-free
Electrical performance of the whole machine
Power input AC90-240V 50/60Hz
Overall power 18W
Loudspeaker power Stereo hybrid dual-channel CLASS-D power amplifier, 32-65 inch rated power: 2x5W 15-27 inch rated power: 2x3W

(L+R / 8Ω)of THD+N≤10%@1KHz(Audio Input:0.5VRMS)

Structural dimension (unit: mm)
Product model USD21.5
Overall dimension of the machine

(Length× Height× Thickness)

Packing size of outer box

(Length× Height× Thickness)

Bare metal net weight (KG) 4.7
Gross weight of the whole machine (KG) 5.8
Wall hanging hole size 15-27 inch 100×100 32 inch 400 x200 43-65 inch 400×400
Specification of wall-mounted screws M6xH50x4pcs
packing list
21.5-Inch intelligent display terminal 1 set
Remote control one
Instructions 1 book
Power cord 1 root
Wall bracket Guarantee card Certificate Screw *1 Pack

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